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“These are not separate goals just as the nature of a particular human individual is not divided into three parts but is : it is human nature of a specifically feminine and individual character.

Only in abstract thought are we obliged to consider separately what is separable in concept.”[12] Furthermore, Stein writes, “The species humanity, as well as the species femininity, is revealed differently in different individuals….

Even women who never actually bear children experience this; a woman’s very body disposes her consciousness – her psyche and her emotions – to foster life.

“This intuition [to foster life] is linked to women’s physical capacity to give life.

John Paul II speaks of a sensitivity for human persons that woman seems to possess more than man; obviously he does not mean that woman is better than man ontologically.

Elsewhere, the genius of woman is simply referred to as the “capacity for the other”; “women preserve the deep intuition of the goodness in their lives of those actions which elicit life, and contribute to the growth and protection of the other.”[3] John Paul II says that society owes much to the genius of women for the undervalued but principle measure of progress, which is the social and ethical dimension dealing with relations and spiritual values.[4] Edith Stein also notes that while man is consumed by his own work and concerns, it is natural for woman to concern herself with others; “she has the faculty to interest herself empathetically in areas of knowledge far from her own concerns and to which she would not pay heed if it were not that a personal interest drew her in contact with them.”[5] She may not have an interest in a particular subject, but if it is interesting to another person, she is capable of finding the value in it for the sake of the person.

In our own time, the successes of science and technology make it possible to attain material well-being to a degree hitherto unknown.

“People and races aren’t interchangeable” was a fairly uncontroversial Truth for most of Western history that today in the Current Year provokes millions of shitlib Westerners to shrieking indignation and flashing their Though Criminal Patrol badges. It is against nature for a woman to have multiple partners.” He elaborates: “As a young man I kept chickens.

In this way, unilateral progress can also lead to a gradual There is something peculiar to woman that makes her more attuned to humanity.

And while the Western world continues to move beyond industrialization and toward a technocratic society, woman has a unique genius that can help the human species maintain its humanity in spite of all the forces working against it.

Most of the Dirt World is polygynous — a few alpha men take multiple wives, leaving the bottom 30% or more of men incel and ready to machete the neighboring tribe for their cattle and women.

Naturally, if you bring more of these kinds of people — the sudanese, the somalis, the pakistanis, the mystery meaties — into America, then America begins to resemble the polygynous wastelands our vibrant enrichers left behind.


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