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Whether lived out or remaining potential, this capacity is a reality that structures the female personality in a profound way.It allows her to acquire maturity very quickly, and gives a sense of the seriousness of life and of its responsibilities.”[8] This should not be understood as a biological determinism but as one level of woman’s genius, remembering that every human person exists as a body and has a body.[9] John Paul II writes of woman’s interior access to the personalistic norm: “In this openness, in conceiving and giving birth to a child, the woman ‘discovers herself through a sincere gift of self’….Furthermore, Stein notes that part of woman’s “natural feminine concern for the right development of the beings surrounding her involves the creation of an ambience, of order and beauty conducive to their development.”[6] John Paul II writes, “Women and men are the illustration of a .”[7] Using these categories, let us follow Prudence Allen’s analysis, which will help us to understand the genius of woman.First, the biological foundation for the feminine genius stems from woman’s experience of the “maternal instinct” which begins during puberty due to her cyclical biochemical changes; this naturally orients woman toward another human being through her potential to bear a child.“My routine is: I spend one night with one wife and one night with the other. And I give them exactly the same amount of money to spend: they get one credit card each.

Furthermore, at the end of time woman will experience the resurrection of her body, a body that is feminine.

The human being is a person, a subject who decides for himself.

At the same time, man ‘cannot fully find himself except through a sincere gift of self.’”[16] Being a person entails relationality; woman is a person most fully when she makes a gift of herself.

The cock has many hens, but he does not allow the females to mate with more than one partner.

So it’s against natural law.”But Amar thinks he gets it right.


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