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I gave my best friend my love book and it was more than I expected!

So my boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years and usually we do not exchange gifts on valentines day, he just gets me flowers, chocolate and a card that he writes in so I wanted to get him just a little something so he knows how much he means to me.Its personal, loving, makes you laugh, may make you tear up, but no matter what it will always be treasured.I gave this to my fiancé for Valentines day and he was blown away, said it was the most touching gift he had ever received, and was teary.Thank you Love Book for helping put together just a few ways in words of how much my husband means to me.And, I was super excited that I got it the day before Valentine’s Day, even when the estimated delivery was several My experience with Love Book has been incredible.My sweetie is extremely difficult to shop for, the kind that already has everything. I placed my order shortly before the holiday and had an estimated delivery of the Friday after.I didn't blame the company as it was due to my poor planning.Went to dinner & gave him his book & he absolutely loved it. I will I'm not much of somebody to celebrate Valentine's Day.Two separate tables saw it and asked me where I got it. He especially I decided to make my husband a book about all the reasons why I love him. But this year I had somebody I love to celebrate it with! The book is a surprise for my partner so he wont see it till the ceremony, I even added pages for everyone to sign in it that will be at the ceremony.Each Love Book is a custom made list of all those little reasons why you love or appreciate someone.Customize your book as much or as little as you'd like.


  1. Girl Meets World - Rated T. "Girlfriend? We're not even dating! How can I be your girlfriend?". and it's starting to bug Derek.

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  3. Review The crew behind A Strangely Isolated Place firmly believes that this collection is Christian Kleine's strongest album since 2001 set Beyond Repair, and we.

  4. L'shana tova, everyone! If you're Jewish, you probably know that means "Happy New Year" in Hebrew, and tomorrow marks the official celebration of Rosh.

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