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Its flesh ranges from beige through white, red, pink, violet, yellow, orange, and purple.Sweet potato cultivars with white or pale yellow flesh are less sweet and moist than those with red, pink or orange flesh.

To add to the confusion, a different crop plant, the oca (Oxalis tuberosa, a species of wood sorrel), is called a "yam" in many parts of Polynesia, including New Zealand.About 95% of Australia's production is of the orange cultivar named 'Beauregard', originally from North America, known simply as "sweet potato".A reddish-purple cultivar, 'Northern Star', is 4% of production and is sold as "kumara".They are featured in many favorite dishes across Asia and North America.Sweet potato, also known as kelang in Tulu, is part of Udupi cuisine in South India.The young leaves and shoots are sometimes eaten as greens.The sweet potato is only distantly related to the potato (Solanum tuberosum) and does not belong to the nightshade family, Solanaceae, but both families belong to the same taxonomic order, the Solanales.Europe has only a very small sweet potato production, mainly in Portugal.In the Caribbean, a cultivar of the sweet potato called the boniato is popular.The plant is a herbaceous perennial vine, bearing alternate heart-shaped or palmately lobed leaves and medium-sized sympetalous flowers.The edible tuberous root is long and tapered, with a smooth skin whose color ranges between yellow, orange, red, brown, purple, and beige.


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