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The night of the premiere I saw Henry from afar on the red carpet and knew this was the moment his whole life had been building toward. It was the role he would have killed to do…” Franco made Cavill sound desperate to be Superman, desperate to be a superhero, desperate to be a major movie star.Now, in the context of what’s happened this week, and what you’re seeing here, are you reading Franco’s assessment in a different light?Announcer (voiceover): While other leading tampons leave you exposed...The image in the inset box scrolls up to show Daniel Cirilo dipping a tampon into a vial. The shot cuts in for a close up on Brandon Routh, who sniffs the air. Martha Mac Isaac looks uncomfortable and shifts around, adjusting her hair.One the boxes is Regular and the other is Extra Strength Garlic.

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He is son to Ronald Wayne Routh, a carpenter and Catherine La Vonne, a teacher. But since the two were traveling for the Superman Returns press tour, he asked Gilbert Adler, one of the film's producers, to hold the ring until they arrived in England. Add the Answer In 2006, Brandon purchased the 3-carat diamond ring that had caught Courtney's eye during an earlier visit to Neil Lane. "He carried it around for two and a half weeks." Finally, while picnicking in Glastonbury, Routh popped the question.He wanted to be Superman more than anything in the world. But Henry was dying to do the Bryan Singer version of Superman that was being put together as we were shooting Tristan in Ireland and the Czech Republic in 2005.Henry was in the running but, in the end, he was passed over for Brandon Routh.The cuts closes on Brandon Routh and Martha Mac Isaac standing in the forest, staring lovingly at one another. Brandon Routh and Martha Mac Isaac resume staring at one another for several moments while the camera angle changes repeatedly. The shot pauses with Brandon Routh in mid-leap, an insane expression on his face.Brandon Routh and Martha Mac Isaac staring at one another is shown from several angles. Announcer (voiceover): When you're dating a vampire, there's never a good time to have your period. The shot cuts to two Vampax boxes on a blue background.Brandon Routh: Hey, I love Bella, but when she has her period I literally want to kill her. Brandon Routh: I want to eat her blood to make me stronger. Martha Mac Isaac turns to look at the camera and addresses the viewer.Martha Mac Isaac: He's hungry for my period, for real. Martha Mac Isaac: He'll never guess it's my bleeding vagina. There is text beneath the boxes that reads – He'll Never Guess Its Your Bleeding Vagina.And just hours after that, several agencies shot them at Gelson’s shopping for groceries yesterday. Think of the paparazzi from a business perspective.If you’re making money selling photos, how often are you driving your car up to the trails, waiting around to get lucky?


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  2. Brandon Routh has been married to Courtney Ford since November 24, 2007. They have been married for 10.2 years.

  3. From Superman to super boyfriend! Brandon Routh just landed his next gig in the upcoming CBS pilot, Partners. The actor will play Michael Urie's boyfriend, a.

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  5. Apr 16, 2014 'Superman Returns,' starring Brandon Routh and Kevin Spacey, was directed by Bryan Singer. The suit does not specifically demand a monetary figure.

  6. Jul 06, 2014 It looks like everybody was wrong when they speculated that the tech-based superhero dating Felicity Smoak. Superman Returns star Brandon Routh will.

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