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After the organization made the controversial decision to award Dylan the 2016 Nobel Prize for literature in mid-October, the singer first ignored the honor, leading one academy member to call him “impolite and arrogant.” Once he had finally acknowledged the award, Dylan briefly teased the idea of attending the December 10 ceremony — but not long after, the academy said it had received word that he would not be coming to Stockholm for the event due to “pre-existing commitments.” Late last week, the academy suggested that Dylan could deliver his acceptance speech sometime next year, when he will apparently travel to Stockholm for a concert, but reports of the possibility have traces of wishful thinking about them: Dylan himself has said no such thing, at least not yet.

Leave it to the enigmatic Dylan to be so nonchalant in declining to attend the ceremony for one of the most prestigious honors he’s been awarded in more than a half century of hosannas.

Fifty years after he declined the honor, the Swedish Academy released a letter from its archives that showed the French man of letters had written one indicating he would not accept the award if it were offered to him. Scott Says No to the Oscars (1971)The formidable actor, who despised what he perceived to be “popularity contests” among artists, tried unsuccessfully to withdraw his nomination for Best Supporting Actor (for ) at the 34th Academy Awards in 1962.

Us Weekly caught up with Top Chef judge Gail Simmons before her Friday, March 2, appearance at the Charleston Wine Food event in South Carolina where she revealed her best tips for hosting weekend brunch — and even gave Us a go-to recipe from her cookbook.Missy Elliott tweeted on March 2, “I BELIEVE in the Power of Prayer Sending Prayers up for Rick Ross” with a praying hands emoji. Jenner, 20, posted a photo of […] A year of firsts!Meghan Markle’s debut public appearance with Queen Elizabeth II is set to take place on Monday, March 12 — just two months before her royal wedding to Prince Harry.It is not something that is preached or talked about." 2) But BJU continues to suffer from a 1983 Supreme Court ruling that uses the interracial-dating ban as a reason to deny it a tax exemption."This bone-chilling legal conclusion puts every church and religious organization in America in jeopardy." 3) "Does Bob Jones University look down upon interracially married couples?Only the star, Julie Andrews, received a nomination, for Best Performance By a Leading Actress in a Musical — but the snubs didn’t sit well with her, either.During a curtain call at a matinee performance, she announced her wish to withdraw her name from consideration.He was reportedly at home on his farm in New York, watching hockey, when Goldie Hawn announced him as the Best Actor winner for his role in .But when the Motion Picture Academy awarded him the Best Actor Oscar for that role the following year, Brando refused it.Gorillaz Resign From Consideration for the Mercury Prize (2001)Gorillaz’s self-titled debut album was the odds-on favorite to win the award for best album from the U. David Bowie Turns Down Knighthood (2003)If there’s nothing especially rock ‘n’ roll about accepting an appointment to the Order of the British Empire, David Bowie was too polite to say so. "The last two or three generations of students who have graduated from this institution never once heard a discussion of this policy.


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