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Birthday gift ideas for a girl you just started dating

It can be challenging to find the perfect present for your significant other, especially if you are in the early stages of a relationship and don’t know him or her very well.

Your gift needs to be thoughtful, appropriate, and (usually) stay within budget.

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Trying to find the right Valentine's Day gift can always be tricky, but it's even harder if you're shopping for someone you just started dating.

You also won’t spend too much, which can be deemed a bit inappropriate too early on by some people."And even if you don't like cooking, you'll be fine.

There are plenty of easy (and ) gifts that you can get someone during the early stages of a relationship.

When it comes to giving a gift to a girl or woman that you like, but are not dating, you should consider giving a thoughtful gift that will show her just how much you care.

Being thoughtful means thinking about her likes and dislikes and come up with a gift that will be meaningful. If so, get her a sweater to compliment the color of her eyes, or a charm bracelet. Then get her a gift certificate to a bookstore, or send her an electronic book in the genre of her interest.

Hopefully, this list of ideas will help you narrow down what you might be putting under the tree for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

A basket of bath and body works fragrant lotions would surely be enjoyed by a perfume lover.

A bouquet of yellow flowers would be nice for a homebody or any girl that appreciates flowers.

Inside the sketchpad put two tickets to the art museum or art show.

If she is more of a music, or dance lover, find out what her favorite music genre is, and inside the book or greeting card ask her to go dancing, such as take a salsa or ballroom class, or free style it at a country club, a rock concert, or jazz club.


  1. Jan 27, 2016. After all, the kind of birthday gift you'd buy for a girl you just started dating a few months ago is going to be very different from the gift you'd pick out for your girlfriend of five years. Need a great gift for your girlfriend? We're here to help. Our guide to the best gifts for girlfriends is packed with cool, creative, and.

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