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Benedict cumberbatch interview updating sherlock

He actually died from falling off the building..(and that is to call the killer back to W world)..Yeon Joo give him life back and as he resquested no memories of her.the two world cannot be attached.Oh Yeon Joo also died from the villain gunshots but her father revive her..they both meeting life and death...by Kang Chul becoming attach to her again without his memory of her just mean no matter what how many life times changes he is made for her..actually spicen up the romance..it goes with the storyline because the love story was the main point from the start..the story tellers are the OTP..drama is a fantasy theme and many messages are told with metaphors....if you cannot connect with the story ...please don't say it is messed up ..is not.. I describe this series as mind-boggling, exciting and thrilling.So much twist and turns and roller coaster for emotions. The chemistry between Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo is daebak.

If you are the kind who prefers something easy to watch, without needing to work out your brain, you would probably get very stressed trying to understand the story.It's a romance that's not too cheesy but still manages to make your heart flutter.The concept of the whole k-drama is very unique, and the writer did a good job making a storyline to go with it.There are a lot of plot twist and unpredictable scene. It's fast paced but certainly not overwhelming and I find it hard to penalize this K-Drama for the minor plot holes that are only made overdramatic by the comments you find on this website. LOL..did not really happen..also...after that Oh Yeon Joo had appointment with Kang Chul at cafe ...the way she was imagining about the her dad gaining his face back and had meal with Chul, Soo Bong and Yeon Joo..Honestly, I didn't even notice them and they don't affect the story in any way. If you're looking for a good use of your time, you found the right activity. beautiful- that might be just because I'm a sucker for happy endings, but, eh. and Chul meeting Yeon Joo mother and aunt were all in her imaginations...show already told you before hand that they were all imaginations and not real..it would be stupid tell about that again...This drama has a lot of positive traits: lee jong suk, the concept, the filmography, the ost, the potential, but eventually it unfolds into a mess without logic (after kang chul loses his memory).Don't get me wrong, I liked it and I recommend it but I'm still disappointed to see how a show that could be a solid 10 was lowered to a 8 by the end. Top of my favourite drama list along with School 2017, Scarlet Heart and Suspicious Partner. Loved every bit, every scene was perfectly executed and I love the fact that I could try and predict parts of the plot and lines through the drama.That was such a disrespect to the awesome story she initially had in mind.She should have holed herself up and finish the writing before production.It's going to be hard to beat There's only one part of the story that didn't flow well and seem like it was forgotten by the writer too, as most of the storyline was explained except that scene.It was the scene where the killer was killed by the politician's henchmen with the fake will in the killer's hand.


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