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New Bundeswehr recruits must be at least 17 years old, and are only allowed to begin weapons training from the age of 18.

Brake also said that if a teenager approaches him after a talk to ask about career opportunities, he is not allowed to do any more than "point them in the direction of the Bundeswehr website." "And I think that's right, because otherwise the boundaries would get blurry," he said.

In the past two years, almost 500 Bundeswehr soldiers have asked to leave the army on the grounds of conscience.

While no one is forced to stay, leaving can be a little more difficult, and costly, than it used to be.

One of these is Lieutenant Moritz Brake, who regularly gives talks in schools in Cologne about current conflicts like Syria and Mali, and his own experiences as a blue helmet soldier for the UN.

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"It is scandalous that under-aged people are being targeted," Özcan Mutlu told the "taz" newspaper.Youth officers Germany is in an odd position when it comes to Bundeswehr recruitment and advertising.While it is often seen as more sensitive than other countries to militarization in society (recruitment in US high schools rarely sparks such a political outcry), it also employs several thousand "youth officers" who give lectures in schools - something that is almost unique in European countries.There are signs that Beijing’s military spending will continue to rise.German lawmakers are set to hear about how Germany's military, the Bundeswehr, has access to less than 50 percent of many major weapons systems."But under-age young people need protection." As the Green party MP found out when he submitted an official question to the German government, the brochure received by Mutlu's daughter was one of 1,033,043 dispatched in 2016.Pressure on the Bundeswehr Many have noticed the Bundeswehr's increased attempts to target teenagers, not least because the German army is still getting used to being a fully voluntary force since national service ended in 2011.Since 1990, Germany's Bundeswehr has been deployed on "out of area" missions as well.Clockwise from top left: German soldiers advance through Northern Russia, German flamethrower team in the Soviet Union, Soviet planes flying over German positions near Moscow, Soviet prisoners of war on the way to German prison camps, Soviet soldiers fire at German positions.In the two years leading up to the invasion, Germany and the Soviet Union signed political and economic pacts for strategic purposes.Nevertheless, the German High Command began planning an invasion of the Soviet Union in July 1940 (under the codename Operation Otto), which Adolf Hitler authorized on 18 December 1940.


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