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The elves were caught unawares when a mighty mountain troll stomped menacingly towards them.

Suddenly, Zook brought all betting to a close when he lifted the great tube to his shoulder. To this day, no other bambazooker has ever taken a single step.

Since 2008, which was given Dawn of the Dragon for all major consoles, no one has heard anything of a new Spyro game.

Well, this is the story me and my partner have been working on for quite some times now.

" Cynder thought but she enjoyed the kiss for a few more moments before it broke then she spoke "Nuva I cant date you im happily dating spyro" she said and walked away ashamed of herself.

Spyro understood what was going on in her dream and kissed her cheek "Cynder...i know your stuck in a love triangle" he said.

Out shot a shower of exploding thorns that sent the troll into a speedy retreat. So, as the only mobile Bambazooker in history, Zook has a special place in the Skylanders squad.

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He first appeared in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure.After that, he became a wandering hero, seeking peace, tranquility and interesting things to blow up with his hand-carved bamboo tube.Campfire songs were even written about him, although Zook would have preferred some nice haiku poetry if given a choice.YOU ARE READING Fantasy After Spyro And Cynder Escape The Skylanders Series A New Age Rises... He takes the lead." The Chroniclers voice echoed (The legend) Many years ago... A Evil Dragon, Obsidian Who Is Cynders Long Lost Sister Keeps The Ancient Dragon Lord Heraceles Captive. After centuries of standing still, Zook decided not to be a stick in the mud anymore. He then wandered the woods spreading the word - Bambazookers can move! The first time an outsider saw a bambazooker was when Zook saved an elven mapping expedition.The elves were watching Zook and placing bets on the purpose of his bamboo tube (some said it was a telescope, while others maintained it was a didgeridoo).In Spyro eyes, she looked amazing; the moonlight brought out her emerald eyes and her body markings, while her scales were shining against the lights of his home, making her irresistible."Wow!A short moment of silence passed before Cynder broke it."Sorry about being late Spyro, it took me longer than expected to get ready," said Cynder, looking down."It's okay, Cynder."Spyro," Cynder said while they were dating, "a little to the left." Spyro put his paw more to the left on Cynder's stomach, and rubbed it.When he reached her vagina, she smiled, and said, "Spyro, you will and always be my loved one, even after death.Spyro confesses that without Cynder he has nothing to fight for.


  1. Said Spyro as he looks inside Trigg's restaurant, "But I see no one's come to check it out." "Well this is my first day of opening the restaurant." said Trigg "But why don't you be my first customer?" Spyro looks at his watch and says "Well I do have a date with Cynder and pm tonight." "Why not just practice your date with.

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  3. Jul 9, 2012. We do not retain your date-of-birth information. The commisoner's story goes that after the fall of Malefor,Spyro and Cynder began a new life. Years later they both grow in to. Cynder,during Spyro's absence,meets a kind and caring black dragon with red hair,whom she became a friend Dragon's.

  4. The Legend of Spyro® Dawn of the Dragon. PS3; Also on ps2. Buy Disc. Release Date Out Now; Genre Action. Publisher Sierra; Developer TBC. E10Plus. Fantasy Violence. The Darkest Hour is Right Before the Dawn. Three long years have passed since Spyro and Cynder were trapped in the crystal, since then Malefor.

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