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Then you and your Christian friend would be free to marry. Note The departure of Catholicism from the biblical truth is so serious that many faithful Catholics are being led astray by a false gospel.It is entirely possible that your Catholic friend is not saved at all.Their unity is a reflection of the relationship between Christ and his bride, the church (Ephesians -33).But the fulfillment of that union can only be experienced if the husband and wife are spiritually united in a common faith and love for Christ. If you and your partner are divided at the very core of your soul, on the spiritual and most important aspect of your life, how can you experience genuine unity?Evangelical Christianity is based on the teaching of the Bible alone; Catholicism is built on the teaching of the magisterium.As a consequence, the respective teaching on the way of salvation is different. Evangelicals believe in Christ for salvation - and in nothing and nobody else, nor do they rely on any merits of our own; whereas Catholics, in addition to faith, base their salvation on the reception of baptism and other sacraments, good works and penance.However I exhort you to examine your religion in the light of God's holy Word, the Bible.Maybe the Lord would be gracious and lead you to a saving knowledge of Christ.

What are the implications of the differences between Catholicism and biblical Christianity?

We genuinely receive questions, from Catholics, along the lines of “What is the difference between Catholics and Christians?

" Answer: First, please understand that we intend no offense in the wording of this question.

Mixed Marriages Question: I am an evangelical Christian and I have been dating a wonderful man who is a devout Catholic.

We are concerned that we will not fully agree on important things if we consider marriage.


  1. Are Catholics Christian. However, any organization that says "Catholics are not Christians," is ignoring the history of Christianity.

  2. What does the Catholic Church have to say about a Catholic dating a Christian of another. Marriages between Catholics and other Christians are quite common.

  3. Dating Across the Catholic/Protestant. the man whom Ann was dating didn't. I affirmed that it is possible for Catholics to be born-again Christians who.

  4. Mixed Marriages. Question I am an evangelical Christian and I have been dating a wonderful man who is a devout Catholic. We are concerned that we will not fully.

  5. I've been dating a Catholic guy for 2 months, but I'm a Christian girl. Will this relationship. If he believes that non-Catholics aren't true Christians or.

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