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Angela simmons and drake dating

The magazine targeted teens and covered various topics like music, fashion, and style until its last issue in 2012.For a year, Angela attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, but later dropped out to carve a career for herself as a businesswoman. Unlike his sisters, he is not that well known in the industry.takes viewers back to April when Simmons announced her engagement. That's kind of fucked up."Romeo took it pretty hard since Simmons is such a close friend.Unfortunately, she did not tell her best friend, Romeo."It's on the ' Gram? "I didn't even know she was in a serious relationship to be honest. Master P's son was shocked to learn that Simmons did not even tell him about her new relationship."Me and Angela, we've been very close for a long time, and I had to find out about her engagement on Instagram just like the rest of the world," Romeo said in his confessional interview.The streets started talking after they posted a few pictures with similar backgrounds, revealing that they were both staying in the same hotel.

On the show, Angela recently broke down in front of Darian saying that she wanted things to improve between them.“I think it’s pretty cool that even after they stopped dating, they still remained friends,” she continued. “I was wondering if there was something else there. Keke Palmer, Angela Simmons, Rita Ora, & his rumored boo thang Lira Galore were all in attendance.It was only a couple of weeks ago when everyone started to suspect Drake was dating popular dancer Lira.Apparently Lira will be featured in his new music video that hasn’t been released yet.She showed up to his birthday party though…so we’ll see…The world made it that."Romeo's life is not drama free though.The New Orleans native is currently watching his father and mother battle it out in divorce court.He and his longtime girlfriend, Tanice Amira, have a daughter named Mia, who was born on February 20, 2016.Angela Simmons recently gave birth to her son with no real announcment except for a pop up picture of her holding her baby in their bed announcing that he was here….


  1. Rumor has it, Angela Simmons is dating Yo Gotti after the two were photoed at an event last night.

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