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Since the Weinstein story broke, about one in five Americans said they had seen their friends or family post stories about sexual harassment on social media, according to a CNN poll. "I think the #Me Too campaign is changing everything, to have a public forum where men and women can come forward to tell unfortunately the worst stories of their lives," Gillibrand said. Look how much accountability we've seen in the last few weeks alone." Gretchen Carlson, a former Fox News anchor and the author of "Be Fierce," made headlines last year suing former Fox News chief Roger Ailes for sexual harassment.As more and more women share their stories, people are asking: Where do we go now? "Secrecy is the thing we have to lift so the women's voices match up with the power pendulum," she said.

Reisman contends, however, that Kinsey didn’t have access to the majority of “normal” American men and women, who were engaged with World War II at the time, and so he used a tainted sample.

Kinsey’s research later claimed that 100 percent of children were capable of being sexually active from birth, so long as they had “help” from adults.

Reisman also pointed to studies and surveys by Kinsey that consistently and grossly inflated data to prove that licentious behavior had “no social consequences.” The results, she explained, were staggering.

" Matt Mc Gorry, an actor and social justice advocate, said men are responsible for "reeducating" themselves on the issue.

Both discharged employees are from the prime-brokerage unit.


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