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Agency holding companies consolidating agencies 2016

Michael Farmer is Chairman of Trinity P3 USA and author of Madison Avenue Manslaughter: an inside view of fee-cutting clients, profit-hungry owners and declining ad agencies, which won the Axiom Gold Business Book Award for the best marketing / advertising book of 2016.

“It’s the only way to bring the best of our services to our clients,” he said.In 2016, Ikea sent zero waste to landfills in the U.K., where it even makes a small profit on recycling its waste.Anomaly has a three-year contract to work closely with global and regional Ikea marketers – and potentially with some local agencies – in a bid to drive a new sustainability agenda for the brand.Ikea began talking to agencies in February as it searched for a partner to develop a global positioning campaign for both corporate and consumer communications. Claudia Willvonseder, Ikea Group's global marketing and communication manager, says in a statement, "In Anomaly, we have found a creative partner that brings an integrated approach to our global and local communications work." Anomaly's brief – sustainability – has become a core value for Ikea, which now owns more wind turbines than stores, and is moving towards 100 percent renewable energy.Advertisers have to take the responsibility for planning the detailed Scopes of Work and decide which agencies will be briefed for which deliverables.These briefing decisions are now made t in order to secure their piece of the action."To get to work with the company that founded the idea of democratic design is not just a great opportunity for Anomaly, but for me – as a Swede – it's a dream come true," says Fabian Berglund, executive creative director at Anomaly Amsterdam, in the statement.The Swedish retailer traditionally uses a decentralized model for all its advertising communications, working with creative shops country-by-country including Mother London in the U.Smart clients will turn the clock back and embrace the new AOR possibilities with one important caveat: They must require their integrated AOR agencies to “deliver improved results” and treat performance improvement as the foundation of the redefined relationships.This will require agencies to enhance their capabilities — and figure out why brands are underperforming today and what to do about it through improved ways of defining media spend, media mix and recommended Scopes of Work.


  1. P&G Consolidates Global PR Support With 5 Agencies. global PR agency review, consolidating PR support for all. towards the holding group agency.

  2. Of marketers plan to review their agencies in the next 12. for such announcements and we accounted for a total of 156 major agency changes throughout 2016.

  3. Oct 16, 2017 Ikea Picks Anomaly Amsterdam For Global. Local agency relationships. consolidating its $444 million global account with two holding companies.

  4. April 2016 Learn how and when. A holding company is a company that owns other companies. Holding companies allow the reduction of risk for the owners and can.

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