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Adult chat rooms for iphones

One-way anonymity might well have made the service more obviously open to becoming a conduit for bullying.Such problems have caused trouble for Q&A service Ask.fm, for instance, which does allow for one-way anonymity — and has run into problems with teen bullying. All its users are equally in the dark, so targeted nastiness isn’t quite so easy to achieve.And if people leave or join a chat there a named notification that that has happened displayed in the chat window.

Why would you even want to talk to your friends without each person knowing who’s saying what?

(Or at least, with people you actively choose to connect with for the purposes of identity-free chatting.) This is not about anonymously chatting with Internet randoms/digital bottomfeeders, says rumr CEO and founder James Jerlecki, who brings a background in messaging to this startup, having previously worked for text Plus.

rumr is about “controlled anonymity” — aka, having a bit of free-flowing fun with your friends.

(The cartoon panda also hints at the stickers Jerlecki says will be coming in a future update.) How is rumr going to deal with abusive users?

To a degree, it has yet to fully figure that out as it wants to work that out with its users, once the service gets up and running.


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