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Regarding the 100Mb of space, if users are going to be able of uploading materil that won't be sufficient, scalable shared hosting solutions would be good, that way you can upgrade the resources.Try avoiding hosts which offer unlimited storage plans, those usually have quite hard restrictions within their terms of service.These terms may be changed at any time without notice to you.You agree that all changes after your signup still fully apply to you and it is your responsibility to check the terms of service often.They all said adult material is okay and I already know this country doesn't care about file sharing.

DMCA protection is really weak these days so you're really tempting fate, so unless you're ready for a knock on your door , i'd suggest looking for non-US located server that allows adult content.All of our website accounts and dedicated servers allow adult or sensative content on them.Choosing sensative content hosting plan: Adult accounts and servers require more traffic, CPU and disk requirements than normal accounts do. Normally, an adult webmaster is advised to get an account level one or two classes higher up than he/she would for a normal website.Which host should I use if I need let's say 3GB for images? I want to have everyone upload files to share on cyberlockers to cut down on my expenses but I'm okay with hosting image galleries.I've already used Google to find adult friendly web hosts but I'm going over everyone's To S and it looks like all of them will shut you down without notice if people are sharing files.It's a hobby and I have to buy content to share on top of that. XX USD on stuff to share with others and I don't even have a web host yet, haha. Edit: Need free c Panel and 100MB for my forum but unlimited traffic, members and bandwidth.Let me start by saying that the planned budget is good, however nowadays decent shared hosting comes for less.Whereas most dedicated solutions take hours or days to activate, our technology allows us to provision dedicated servers immediately.Your server is standing by so it's ready for you the second you need it.This feature is not found on most dedicated solutions.Our servers are designed from the ground up to support everything you could need, such as Secure Shell (SSH) access, server-side includes, log file access, and web-based managers for files, databases, and email.


  1. With AdultVideoScript, you can have adult Video, Photo Gallery and Game hosting & sharing, all in one website. AdultVideoScript is designed to allow your members to upload a wide range of video formats, supported by the codec library which includes AVI, WMV, QuickTime, DIVX, MPEG, 3GP, FLV and many more!

  2. Hosting Audio/Video streaming sites. Hosting scripts that constantly write data to MySQL usually by tracking something. These includes examples OpenX, Adsense trackers & site indexers/spiders. Hosting any kind of software relatd to IRC Internet Relay Chat. Sales or promotion of beer, alcohol, tobacco, drugs.

  3. Adult dedicated server hosting mature content hosting. Dedicated, shared, seo hosting for adult and sensative websites and webmasters.

  4. Learn price options for the streaming hosting for adult webcam sites. Professional, managed dedicated server hosting in Europe and USA for our clients. We offer only pure server platform systems based on the. Optimized cofiguration. Configuration of our server is optimized/balanced for use with video chat system.

  5. As we move through 2017, we hope you have enjoyed our services here at Chat Legion. As with any service, there are fee's that come along with hosting a chat site. On that note, I would never apply a membership fee or charge for this. I would like to reach out to those that may and would like to donate to help support the.

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