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Adam lyons dating coach

More than that, AFC Adam Lyons’s expertise as a dating coach and PUA is also shown in his column for FHM. He is also known as the Chief Executive Officer of PUA Training as well as the founder of the Attraction Explained, LLC.One of the advantages of this man as a pick up artist is the fact that he is a self-made PUA.Within 2 months of being regarded the Number 1 in the Uk he has also managed to change his physical appearance to be equally receptive to the opposite sex.Though he still actively plays dungeons and dragons and a whizz at computer games.It has tons of over qualified pick up artist instructors who will help you enhance and develop your current skills. One of the best things about AFC Adam Lyons is that he has actually been voted to be the top pick up artist in the world.In fact, he is a sought after dating coach and PUA who has established a reputable business in this industry.Then, I had to figure out Garage Band again…which took a week or so.

His expertise has actually been recognized in numerous awards.

This includes a full breakdown as to why a musician may be seen as attractive on stage, yet not so attractive when met in a bar, or other social situation.

Within 2 years Adam has been plucked from Obscurity to be recognised as one of the top 3 experts on seduction in the world.

Some of his core theories and articles that he has become well known for include; Myframe: a core understanding of what attracts us to other people, and what causes them to be attracted to us in return.

From this core knowledge and understanding you can use any method from any Pick Up Company, dating coach or even just invent your own, and still meet and attract the person of your dreams.


  1. Adam Lyons' AFC Adam London Biography. afc adam london. Name Adam Lyons Age 29. Country UK Notable Achievements World Pua Summit 2009 Number 1 Ranking in the world. Thundercats Seduction List 2009 Number 1 ranking in the world. TSB Magazine 2009 Number 1 Dating Coach in the world. Seduction.

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