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Active directory sharepoint user validating

Utilizing next generation technologies, Hyperfish automates the process of keeping directory content fresh and up-to-date.

Using Hyperfish, organizations can be more effective by saving time, reducing IT Support overhead, and improving the speed of business communications.

Account Filter is filter for account name; mostly it is s AMAccount Name in windows.

Now we have set the parameter for LDAP server, when the user submit the user/pass from login dialog box with ADSI option. If everything works fine then you will get the message "Login Successful".

Active Directory administration involves managing the life cycle of directory objects from initial creation, modification, searching to deletion. User's login using SDS (ADSI) and Database Authenticate a user against the Active Directory using the user ID and password.

When a user wants to login to your software, he can login using network user/pass provided to him by network administrator.

Identify and collect missing information in directories, quickly and easily.

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Here database ADSI_PARAMETER table is used to set the LDAP properties.

You can even set the permission that user should also belong to particular group in order to access the software.

In the example shown here both types of login are used, one using the simple database table to maintain username/password and second, using Windows domain user by SDS ADSI.

Hyperfish makes it super easy to keep information such as phone numbers, location, organizational hierarchy and profile photos fresh with little to no IT overhead.

constantly monitors directories for ‚Äčinconsistent, invalid, aged, and missing information identifying what needs to be updated or verified, with a report listing the areas needing attention for Hyperfish, with the unveiling of the full product set at the Microsoft Ignite conference being held in Atlanta, September 2016.


  1. It's common for companies to use both Microsoft Active Directory and Lotus Notes. My organization uses Active Directory and Lotus Notes side by side to validate Lotus Notes and SharePoint applications. I recently had a request to query Active Directory based on users' profiles that were residing in our Lotus Notes view.

  2. Jan 15, 2014. If you need to be able to email the group, make sure that you use an Active Directory Mail-Enabled Security Group. It has the same functionality as a Distribution List, but it also has a SID. Validate that you have the correct ports opened from your SharePoint servers to all resolvable Domain Controllers.

  3. Quality directory information is vital for automating many business processes and making the most of new innovations in Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. Within an organisation, Active Directory AD and Azure Active Directory AAD define users, roles, permissions and people data such as Title, Manager, Location.

  4. Jan 12, 2015. Important At this time Okta Group Push is not supported with the Sharepoint On-Premises application. We recommend you use only AD groups or only Okta groups in order to configure authorization to your Sharepoint server. Configuring Push Groups to your Active Directory and attempting to use these.

  5. Aug 18, 2017. NET Core to add angular 4 validation attributes. 27. Setup SharePoint 2013 User Profile Service Application with Active Directory Synchronisation. This is a step by step guide to use SharePoint User Profile Synchronization with Active Directory Prerequisites First of all check the following prerequisites.

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