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Active directory reverse dns not updating

Also, PTR resource records must exist for all the computers in your network.For more information about adding a reverse lookup zone, see "Adding a Reverse Lookup Zone" earlier in this chapter.If the server does not support dynamic update, you need to add these records manually.The Netlogon service creates a log file that contains all the locator resource records and places the log file in the following location: % %\System32\Config\You can check this file to find out which locator resource records are created for the domain controller.Next, query for the SOA record by typing the following and pressing ENTER: If your server is configured correctly, you see an SOA record.

Make sure that the authoritative name server listed in the NS record can be contacted to request queries by typing the following: server Next, query the server for any name for which it is authoritative.

However, you need them if you want clients to be able to resolve FQDNs from IP addresses.

Also, PTR resource records are commonly used by some applications for security purposes, to verify the identity of the client.

On a semi related note: I know this has been a touchy subject some places I have looked. For each DC, what should their local DNS settings be?

If you use a third-party DNS server to support Active Directory, you must perform configuration tasks manually, and doing so, you might cause common configuration errors that prevent DNS and Active Directory from working properly.


  1. DNS server is not updating. Windows Server. If this DNS server's Active Directory replication partners do not have the correct IP addresses.

  2. Some of the servers will not update the Reverse. the Active Directory DNS server you are updating. are-not-updating-reverse-lookup-zones-in-dns-mix.

  3. If you use a third-party DNS server to support Active Directory. your Windows 2000 DNS server, most configuration tasks are. not need reverse lookup zones.

  4. If you find that you can not resolve IP’s back to a name on your network check your DNS REVERSE. DNS ENTRIES. Using Active Directory. not updating DNS.

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