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Absolute absolute beginner beginner dating guide guide online

It is true that the pain, at the instant of impact, is intense; but it fades rapidly and within a minute is little more than a warm glow.

A dozen should be the absolute minimum number of strokes with a taws administered across a protected target.

Some sources regard the taws or strap as a “girl’s” punishment; and the cane as a “boy’s”; I see no justification for this distinction.

Many people select or adapt some old item of saddlery – or even a gentleman’s cut-down razor-strop and call this a “taws”.

Like the tapette, the slipper, and the palm of the hand, the taws or punishment strap is a “smacking” instrument with a flat punishing surface, though some are quite narrow—no more than two inches broad in some cases–and of course they vary in length.

Very short ones indeed may be used for inflicting spankings, or at least whippings administered in a “spanking” posture, but to get the best out of the longer straps it is best to position the recipient as if for a caning.

Tawses being flexible instruments, it is difficult to align them for aiming purposes; but as closely as you can, aim for the nearer buttock.

The extra “stretch” in your forearm as you whip the end through will provide the other two or three inches and the “business end” will therefore arrive perfectly aligned across the full width of the seat.

Unless the taws is very short and you propose to administer a spanking with it which may not be thought appropriate for classroom use, where formality should reign—the culprit must assume one of the conventional postures (see below) and submit to the taws, as he would for the cane.

SEMI-CLOTHED CULPRITS Phrase your commands in the following sequence (the lecture on bad behaviour has concluded): Go and stand facing the desk. Proceed as in the earlier example, but remember you have just removed a layer of protection and your strokes will be the sharper without any extra effort from you. You haven’t yet come to the end of my reserves, young man, as you will discover if I have any more trouble from you this lesson.

And when he has done so: Unbutton and take drown your trousers. Ensure the knickers are tight—or as eight as this garment ever is before scarring work. If a culprit qualifies for this severest form of tawsing, it is assumed that he has either accumulated a string of offences within the schoolroom, or has committed a single domestic or moral offence of considerable gravity.

The ideal proportion between tailed and untailed proportions is about one to two.

A taws may also be fitted with a wooden handle for improvement of control.


  1. The tawse is an excellent implement of punishment with a long and distinguished history, which comes in many forms and is made of several materials, though leather is.

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