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Toronto ON is Canada's largest city with 2,6 million habitants while the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) counts over 5,5 million people.

The Ocumetic Bionic Lens (pictured) was created by Dr Garth Webb.

The team did not reveal any other details on the injury and did not specify the severity.

If he has a tear in his meniscus, he's likely looking at around 6-8 weeks, but it's possible that's not the case.

That makes the recent official report from the team of an "injury" a little worse.

Butler and the Wolves will need to figure out the best treatment plan, which can vary from anywhere from three weeks to the rest of the season and playoffs.

Typically, a 4-6 week timeline is tied to a medial meniscectomy, so that may be what Butler has planned -- lateral or medial has not been specified yet.

In theory, Dr Webb's lenses could create 20/0 vision, at which point the wearer could see letters when stood at 20ft that a normal person could see with the letters directly in front of their eyes - although Dr Webb has not categorised it in this way.

And medical director at London Vision Clinic, Dan Reinstein told Mail Online: 'This is an interesting technology because the current standard of permanent lens replacement is to only be able to achieve approximately 85 per cent of eyes within or – 1 dioptres of the intended target - significantly lower than modern laser eye surgery which achieves nearly 100 per cent.

The good news is that he hasn't yet been ruled out for the season, and Shams Charania of Yahoo!

Sports reported on Saturday that there's a chance Butler could return in 4-6 weeks.


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